Krondor Krew is the code name for Floridas daring, highly trained special hip-hop ninjas force. Their purpose, to dispense lyrical ninjitsu against pirates, zombies, wizards and whack emcees. Showing every audience that the only true way is the way of the Ninja, promoting the declaration of ninjapendence and the pursuit of ninjaness.

Ninja Masters

Shinobi Onibocho

Fear fills the hearts of men when the name of Shinobi Onibocho is given breath. A true master of combat on the battle field of war and of hip-hop, Shinobi is well known in the realms for his verse, his gifted tongue, his lyrical prowess. Across many lands, visitor from near and far gather to him when he chooses to make his presence known, if only to hear a tale of his battle skills. Always the first to move into the combat fray and strike deep, Shinobi Onibocho is the true ninja hip-hop demon of folklore and right-so executioner.

Masurao Ojisan

Ask any honorable shogun, and he will tell you that Masurao is best known as a master of strategy. He runs his lands of Krondor with an iron fist, tempered in the fires of patience. A leader foremost, he sets example for the up and coming ninja to follow, and disciplines wisely. An honorable and decisive ninja master, he truly moves in the shadows, operating the business end of Krondor Krew and making connections necessary for the Krew to move forward in presence. His will-power for such has been whispered as limitless.

Studio Albums

The 6th Rotation of the House of the Chaos Star

Click here to download The 6th Rotation of the House of the Chaos Star
  • Terminated
  • Baby Drama
  • Adventure
  • Still Day
  • Threshold
  • Juice
  • Darkness
  • In The Pants
  • Not Like You
  • Death Trap
  • Sneaking
  • Ninja Masters

Five Deadly Cuts EP

Click here to download Five Deadly Cuts EP
  • Church Bells
  • Death Machines
  • Don't Fuck With Us
  • I Play D&D
  • Siamese